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If you can read this it means you're on our website, so thanks for giving us a chance. If you're looking to start tutoring with us, here's how to get started.

Pick A Tutor

We have each tutor’s bio listed on the website on the meet us page. You can see what subject everyone tutors, their background, and some fun facts. This way you can find someone that you wouldn’t mind hanging out with for 45 minutes at a time.

Pick A Time

Whether you’re looking for a single session or a weekly timeslot we can help. All of our tutors’ open times are posted on the website. For weekly times, you can go here. For single session openings, go here.

Pick A Plan

We offer different plans to work with your budget and schedule. All of our base rates are listed next to each tutor’s name, but we offer additional discounts as well. Here’s how pricing works:

Weekly sessions (recommended) - each tutor’s rate is listed under their name on the meet the tutors page. If you pay for the month upfront then you save $10 per session. For example, if the rate says “$55 monthly upfront / $65 pay as you go” it means you have the option of paying $55 if you pay for the entire month upfront or you could pay week-to-week for $65 per session.

Discounts for more than 1 weekly timeslot - if you work with any tutor other than Tim you can drop an extra $5 per session off the monthly rate if you pay for the month upfront. For example, if the rate was “$55 monthly upfront” then you’d pay $50 per session if you paid for the month upfront.

Plus, every weekly timeslot gives you 2 free uses of the math group session each month. The group sessions are Monday through Thursday during the school year and are limited to 4 people per session. You can sign up on the website or through the iPhone or iPad app. During the group session the tutor will float between the students and answer questions.

Email Us

Once you decide what you’d like to do just let us know what time you’d like and we’ll set it up. Also, if there are any issues we should know about please don’t hesitate to email us (learning disabilities, current grade in the class, preferred learning styles, etc).

Bottom line, our goal is to make sure you are happy with the results, the students enjoy coming here, and we aren’t making you go broke. We genuinely want everyone to be happy, so come in with positive thoughts! And no jerks (we hate jerks).
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