What we're doing to keep our students and tutors safe

We've been working hard to prepare for the return of students in September. We have tried to strike a balance between keeping the things that people have grown to like about us with keeping people safe when they come here. Check out some of the changes that will be coming this fall.
  • Masks: All of our tutors will be sporting spiffy GameFace masks. That way, when we sometimes spit when we talk we'll be able to keep it to ourselves. We also ask that students wear masks as well whenever possible. If you're feeling supportive, we'll be selling GameFace masks for $10 for anyone who feels like it may be a sweet wardrobe upgrade, even after this is all over.
  • Groups: We will be dropping the maximum group number from 4 down to 3. That way we can keep some space between students. Please note, this does not fight against body odor. We encourage all students to continue to apply deodorant in the same manner as before things went crazy.
  • Staggered Times: As much as we love seeing a full house where everyone knows each other, we're going to be staggering the availability of our tutors so that we have no more than 5 tutors at one time (and usually less), or a group session and 3 other tutors. This will allow us to keep 2 tutors in the main room, 2 in the second room, and one in the back. Again, this should be not be used as an excuse for poor hygiene. Just trust me, it lingers (high school boys).
  • Discounts for online tutoring: We know that for some people, nothing can compare to in-person tutoring. That said, if you feel that you get equal (or better) results from the comfort of your own home, we want to reward you. If you opt to do your sessions remotely, we'll drop the price to $60 with Tim, $55 with Anne, and $50 with our other tutors. All we ask is that you let us know at the time of scheduling so that our tutors know what to expect.
  • Smaller staff: Rather than hiring a lot of tutors who only work a few days a week, we will be hiring less tutors this year who have more availability. Again, this is in an effort to minimize some of the traffic in and out.

The bottom line:
We know things might be a little weird at first, but by now we should all be pretty used to weird. We're really excited to get to see people again, even if it's just the top half of everyone's face. And trust me, once we get the go-ahead to return to the way things were, it'll be game on. But until then let's just enjoy the fact that we're at least able to see you all in person again.