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Welcome To GameFace Tutoring

Need help in math, science, English, reading or SAT/ACT prep? Since 2007 that's literally all we've been doing. Online or in person, if you need help in anything from writing a paper to passing your math class we're here for you. And if you need help in a subject that we don't offer, let us know.

We've also collected a few awards along the way. We were voted Best Tutoring Service (2016 - Best of Wayne), Best Educational Service (2015 - Readers' Choice Awards), and Best Tutoring Service again (2013 Readers' Choice Awards). #humbleBrag
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Closed on Oct. 13th

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that after we close on Tuesday, October 11th, I'll be off to the hospital to induce labor and give birth to our first child (this is Tim... hello everyone). We will still be open on Wednesday the 12th with Alisa running things, but we'll be closing up on Thursday the 13th.

If you need an emergency session, I'm still doing iPad sessions or I can try to coordinate with another tutor. That being said, waiting until the last minute is not your friend this week so please let us know ahead of time.

Thanks everyone!

$45 Spanish Tuesdays

To help us introduce Jenna, our Spanish tutor, to the world we're dropping the price to $45 for Spanish sessions. Whether you're looking for just a single session or a weekly time you can now do so for $45! Even better, if you set up a weekly time with Jenna then you can lock in that $45 rate for the rest of the year.

Jenna is here all day on Tuesdays, but can also be flexible if need be. If you need a time that isn't listed, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Dec. 3rd SAT Class Begins on Oct. 23rd

For anyone interested in taking our SAT course for the December 3rd SAT, we will be kicking things off with the pretest on Sunday, October 23rd. You can get the details about the class here.

The class will have between 3 and 6 people so if you are interested please reserve your spot asap.