Ready to come in?

We realize that everyone has different needs. It only makes sense that we also have different packages. And don't worry, you can switch between packages at any time.

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Set weekly time (recommended)

This is the cheapest option we offer for several reasons. It allows us to keep the cost down for people who want to come on a regular basis, it's easier for our tutors because they consistently see the same student, and we can hire more qualified tutors because they have a regular work schedule. All of the tutors' weekly times are posted on our website along with their rates.
Click here to see our tutors' availability and rates.

Also, each weekly time comes with 2 free uses of our math group each month. Free!

Scheduling as needed

Maybe you don't need regular help. Maybe you just have commitment issues. We don't judge - we help. You're welcome to schedule as-needed, and most times we can even help you on the same day. What's even cooler is that we can set you up so that you can schedule yourself from our website or iPhone app whenever you need.

Math group

This is our cheapest, most flexible option. Every Monday through Thursday we have group sessions for math. The sessions are limited to 4 people, and you can sign up directly from our app or website. You can schedule 30 days in advance or 10 seconds in advance (if it's not full).

During the group, the tutor will float between each student and help out. It works best if you have things to work on already (i.e. review packet, study guide, homework, etc). It's not as comprehensive as a one-on-one session, but it can be a great fit if you already have a general idea, or to get some extra help before a test.

The cost of the group session is $30 per session, with a max of $200 per month. In other words, you could use the group every day the entire month and it would never exceed $200.

All available group options are found by logging in to the app or the login portion of the website.

Homework help

Want us to check your homework? Text or email it to us. Let us know how quickly you need it checked and we'll do our best to get it to you in time (or else we'll let you know if we can't get to it in time). And if you'd like us to write up explanations on how to do wrong answers we can do that too.

The cost works as follows:
Under 5 minutes: Free
Under 30 minutes $10
More than 30 minutes: $5 per 15 minutes.

Want Discounts?

We've decided to simplify the discounts to make things less confusing. If you're looking to save the most money and think you'll need regular help then the easiest option would be to set up a weekly time with one of our tutors. If that's not your style, there are still other ways that you can qualify for cheaper rates.

Multiple weekly sessions

If you need help with multiple subjects or have multiple students in your family who need tutoring then we'll do our best to keep it cheap. If you set up multiple weekly times with a tutor other than Tim, we'll knock $5 off the price of each session.

Double sessions

If book a double session (or more) with a tutor then we'll give you the weekly rate instead of the as needed rate. In other words, you'll save $10 per session.

Book 3 and keep a card on file

This is ideal for anyone who wants a weekly time but can't commit to the same time each week, or for someone who needs help with multiple tutors. If you book 3 sessions in the same calendar month and keep your credit card on file then you get the weekly rate with each tutor. We'll run your card at the end of the month and give you the rate based on the number of sessions you've booked.

Book 3 without keeping a card on file

For anyone who wants to schedule as needed with absolutely no commitment, once you get to your 3rd session in the same month we'll give you a $10 credit. In addition, you'll get the weekly rate for the 3rd session as well as any other sessions you book that month.

Off peak hours

Have last period free, or a day where you get out of school early? We'll drop your price if you're able to do times that most people can't make. Here are our discounted hours:

  • 2:45 - 3:30, Monday through Thursday ($5 off the regular price)
  • 2:00 or earlier, Monday through Thursday ($10 off the regular price).

Don't forget, we have online tutoring as well. That means if you've got a free period during the day then you could always do an online session from inside the walls of your school. Just a thought.

*off peak hours only apply during the school year. In the summer everyone gets the weekly rate.

Online sessions

Tim has started to offer big discounts to anyone willing to do online sessions during certain times. This will allow him to be home more with his new baby, so it keeps him out of the doghouse and you'll get to save a lot of money. Pretty much everyone wins.

Here are the discounted times:
  • Tuesdays @ 2:45, 3:30, and 4:15 - $40 per session
  • Thursdays @ 2:45, 3:30 and 4:15 - $40 per session
  • Fridays - anytime - $30 per session
  • Saturdays - anytime - $30 per session

These times are not listed under the availability section so if you're interested, text or email us to set these up.

For questions on how online tutoring works, click here.
*We'll do our best to allow you to take advantage of multiple discounts, but some of these overlap. Rest assured we'll always give you the bigger discount (and in many cases you can combine discounts), but start by assuming that it's one discount per family.