New Math Tutor

I wanted to introduce Jeremy to everyone. I'll let you read all about him on our bios page, but the short version is that if you give him a math question then he can answer it.

And as always, the first 5 people to set up weekly times with Jeremy will be thanked by a rate of $45 for as long as you stay with him.

Balance On Login

This is long overdue, but we've finally added the feature to see your balance directly from the login page. No more guessing about how much you owe.

Earlier Group Nov. 20th

You know what you should be thankful for? That we're moving the group up to 6:30 on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. So just make sure you come at 6:30 instead of 8:00 if you're signed up for the group that night, or you're gonna look really dumb :).
(610) 999-1479