Meet Brendan!

We're excited to announce the newest member of the GameFace Family - Brendan! For those of you "math nerds" that need help with the high school stuff, Brendan is your guy.

And as always, the first 5 people to set up a weekly time with a new tutor lock in a discounted rate forever. Not some intro rate to suck you in. If you're nice enough to be on the welcome wagon then the least we can do is reward you for your kindness.


Encore For Anne

In a surprise move, Anne has decided to pursue grad school virtually, which means we've got her for another year! She is just doing Sundays, but you weren't even expecting her to return at all, so why don't you just focus on the positive already ;p

New Website In The Works

We're in the process of redoing our website and app to make them a little more user friendly. The website is fully functional as far as adding, canceling, or rescheduling sessions. You can also create your account and view tutors bios. And once I get a little more free time I'll get the other pages up and running too.

For those of you waiting for the updated iOS app, that may be a little longer. My programming skills get weaker by the year, so that takes me a little longer. But it WILL happen.

phone: (484) 580 - 9855

address: 121 N Wayne Ave, Suite 301, Wayne, PA 19087