Balance On Login

This is long overdue, but we've finally added the feature to see your balance directly from the login page. No more guessing about how much you owe.

Earlier Group Nov. 20th

You know what you should be thankful for? That we're moving the group up to 6:30 on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. So just make sure you come at 6:30 instead of 8:00 if you're signed up for the group that night, or you're gonna look really dumb :).

New Website

You may notice that the website is new. Or maybe you're new and think this is what it's always looked like. At any rate, it is new! While we're not finished yet, it's ready for public viewing so we've put it back up.

Over the summer we still ask that you schedule sessions by emailing or texting us, but don't worry, we'll be adding online scheduling back in time for the fall.
(610) 999-1479