What's our deal?

Since 2007 we've been in the heart of Wayne, helping people get smarter in math, science, and English. Whether you're looking for in-person tutoring at our office or online tutoring anywhere around the world, we can help. We offer one-on-one tutoring, group lessons, and homework checks.

We also strive to be the least-hated tutoring you've ever had. All of our tutors are at least a 6 on the humor scale (out of a possible 10), and we don't shut people in cubicles. We realize there's no getting around the fact that you could be doing something more fun than extra math, but we keep music on quietly and can deliver some quality small talk while we teach. Plus a bunch of your friends probably come here too, so you can bond over shared experiences with them.

What's New?

New Website In The Works

You may notice our site looks a little... basic right now. That's because we're using the summer to give it a much-needed upgrade.

Over the summer, just text or email us to set up any sessions. While we can be a little flexible, we try to keep all of our in-person sessions to Tuesday and Thursday over the summer. We can still tutor remotely any day of the week, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need something that can't wait until a Tuesday or Thursday.

Register Now For Fall

We're in the process of situating all of our returning students, but if you're someone who would like to set something up for the fall, now's the time! Just email us and we can give you some options.

Looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones!

GameFace Has Moved Downstairs!

You may have noticed that things looked a little more spacious around the office (like the lack of a couch). That's because it was in our new space, 2 floors below.

we have officially moved into our new home at SUITE 108.

I'll try to send a bazillion reminders to people to minimize the confusion, but after 16 years in the same space I'm sure there will still be some confusion. I say we embrace it.
121 N Wayne Ave, Suite 108, Wayne, PA 19087 | (484) 580 . 9855 gameface@icloud.com