Our Scoop

Whether you're looking for a tutor in math, science, English, or reading, we can help. In fact, since 2007 that's literally all we've been doing. Online or in person, if you need help in anything from writing a paper to passing your math class we're here for you. If you need help in a subject that we don't offer, let us know.

We've also collected a few awards along the way, including "Best Tutoring Service" and "Best Educational Service". That's our way of saying that we think we're smart without having to say it out loud, which would be rude.

What's New?

Meet Cat!

Wanted to welcome our newest addition (#pun) to the GameFace Family, Cat. You can check out her bio under the MEET US tab, but the quick version is that she's here to help with everything through algebra. And she's a Stoga grad, so you can make small talk about all things Stoga.

And in case it hasn't been said enough, the first 5 people to set up weekly times will lock in a rate of $45 for as long as they continue with her, so it pays (#pun) to make new friends.

Alisa is Back!

GameFace is turning the clock back again! We've been able to persuade Alisa to spend her Sunday evenings away from her family and here with her GameFace family instead. And that's not easy to do, especially with her new daughter at home.

For those of you who weren't here for Alisa, you just need to know that (1) she's awesome, and (2) she tutors pretty much everything in the world.

*disclaimer: She doesn't literally tutor everything. Check out her bio for her actual subjects.

App vs Website

Wanted to give people a heads up that you may experience less frustration if you use the website instead of our app for the time being. The app hasn't been updated since I had kids and lost all my free time, so it can be slow, clunky, and give less information.

For example, the website shows the tutors who run each group, whereas the app does not. This has led to confusion when booking a group session only to find that the tutor doesn't teach that subject.

I hope to have a brand new app out by January, but rest assured the website has all the same features. You just lose the cool factor of saying "there's an app for that" in the short term.