Our Scoop

Whether you're looking for a tutor in math, science, English, or reading, we can help. In fact, since 2007 that's literally all we've been doing. Online or in person, if you need help in anything from writing a paper to passing your math class we're here for you. If you need help in a subject that we don't offer, let us know.

We've also collected a few awards along the way, including "Best Tutoring Service" and "Best Educational Service". That's our way of saying that we think we're smart without having to say it out loud, which would be rude.

What's New?

Summer Tutoring

Summer is here! From June 17th through September 5th we'll be on our summer schedule, which comes with a few important differences.

Discounts for online tutoring: For anyone willing to tutor remotely, we'll be dropping the rates down to $50 with Tim and $45 with our other tutors. It's our way of saying thanks for letting us tutor from the comfort of home.

No set weekly times: Since people travel so much and have last minute plans, all of our scheduling is as-needed instead of setting up standing appointments (you automatically get the "weekly session" rate over the summer). If you'd like to set something up, just let us know your schedule a few days in advance and we'll coordinate between you and our tutors.

You're welcome to schedule further out if you'd prefer, we just ask that you only schedule if you're certain that time works for you. We try to keep everyone's schedule consolidated since it's a lighter load, so last minute changes can wind up leaving the tutor with a gap in their schedule.

Have a great summer and let us know if we can help!

Fall Signups Starting now

Looking to start the upcoming year out with GameFace? Let us know and we'll get you settled in. We're just finishing getting our returning students settled, and we'll be opening up all remaining times in the coming days. Send an email to gameface@icloud.com with what you're looking for and we can give you some options.

Flat Rates Coming This Fall!

We're making a big change to how we handle weekly times. Instead of sending a schedule email out each month where you have to confirm dates, we will be switching to a flat rate per month. Then, if a conflict comes up, just give 24 hours notice and you'll get a credit to use anytime before May.

We hope this is a way to keep your inbox a little less bulky while still allowing you to have flexibility in your scheduling.