Who We Are

Leaving your kids with strangers is a terrible thing to do. That's why we believe you should get to know us before getting started. And here's your chance to do just that. Take a look at our bios and see why we're qualified, fun people.


$70 monthly upfront / $70 pay as you go


Math (All levels)


I started GameFace Tutoring in 2007 with 23 students after teaching at Sun Valley High School.

Graduated with a 3.87 GPA from West Chester with a degree in secondary education in math.

Scored in the top 15% on the Praxis Test (teaching entrance exam).

Fun Facts

After graduating from PSU in 2001 I played in a band full-time until 2005. We played everywhere from Killington, VT to Key West, FL, and played festivals with bands like Jimmy Eat World, Reel Big Fish, Violent Femmes, and Wilco. I have a collage at GameFace Tutoring to prove it.

In December, 2009, I rejoined the music world by co-lead-singing with The Fuzzy Bunny Slippers. That lasted until August, 2010, when I realized that I can't get home at 5 a.m. and still run a business the next day.

My youngest of 2 children was born on my birthday.


$55 monthly upfront / $65 pay as you go


Math (All levels)


I Graduated Cum Laude from Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics.

I've been a practicing tutor for over 5 years, with experience tutoring both math and writing.

I have a lot of experience tutoring small groups.

Fun Facts

I love to write. I've written plays, short stories, sketches and countless articles for Muhlenberg's newspaper.

I watch at least 100 movies I've never seen before in a year.

I ran for mayor of Allentown in 2018.


$55 monthly upfront / $60 pay as you go


Biology, Chemistry, Physics


I'm studying biology with a minor in chemistry at Drexel (anticipated graduation 2022) and have maintained a 3.82 GPA.

I have tutored for Drexel's chemistry department for a year and tutored informally for friends and family in the years before.

I scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and a 522 on the MCAT (99th percentile for all the sections combined).

Fun Facts

I have two cats, Leo after my sister's star sign and Luna after my favorite Harry Potter character.

In my free time, I sing in the chorus and write for the literary magazine at Drexel.

My family and I love to sail - when my siblings and I were kids, our parents homeschooled us for six months so we could take our boat around Europe.


$55 monthly upfront / $65 pay as you go


English, Writing, Reading, Language Arts


I graduated from Penn State in May of 2019 with a degree in English.

I tutored prospective and incoming high schoolers for English for more than 2+ years at Penn State.

I have studied all of the theories out there for Shakespeare, and have memorized most, if not all, of his work (quiz me!).

Fun Facts

My original major in college was musical theatre, which then turned into playwriting.

I know how to play piano, violin, flute, and am teaching myself how to play the glass harp (my grandmother forced me on the normal harp). I do not have perfect pitch but rather I have relevant perfect pitch.

I have come in second place for spelling bees locally, but have never made it beyond.


$50 monthly upfront / $60 pay as you go


Physics, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Middle School Math, Pre-calc, Elementary School Math


I am a 3rd year physics and math major.

I have been tutoring for the past 3 years before joining GameFace.

I scored a 5 on the AP BC calculus exam, and 5's on both sections of the AP Physics C exam.

Fun Facts

I am a competitive powerlifter and will be competing in 2022.

I lived in Australia for a year and a half where I went to a French International School and spoke french fluently.

I have 2 dogs, Coogee and Bondi, named after beaches I would visit in Australia.


$60 monthly upfront / $65 pay as you go


Chemistry, Study Skills, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Middle School Math, Pre-calc


I have a Master's degree in Inorganic Chemistry from UPenn.

I have more than 5 years of teaching experience - for the last two years I was a high school teacher, and before that I taught college students as an adjunct instructor, a TA, and a tutor.

I particularly like working with students in a one-on-one setting.

Fun Facts

I am left-handed, which is even less common in women than it is men (I also have two left-handed sisters).

My favorite TV comedy is Parks & Rec.

I am also a yoga instructor. I like doing one-legged balance poses, and I can do a headstand for two minutes!