Find The Right Fit

Everyone has different needs, which is why we offer different options. You can tutor online or in person, group or individual. We even offer a homework checking option if you just need someone to make sure they're not falling behind.

We have also come up with ways to keep the prices as low as possible for people. Let us know if you have a plan, or if you'd like us to come up with our own strategy on how to get started.


Set Weekly Times

We recommend this for most people getting started. Set up a weekly session with the tutor of your choice. There are many reasons we suggest this as a good way to start:

  • Keeps the student with the same tutor each week, which allows them to build a relationship.
  • Keeps the cost down as opposed to booking as needed.
  • Includes 2 free uses each month for the math group.
  • Builds consistency by keeping to a set schedule.

You can still reschedule sessions to better fit with your test schedule.

As Needed Sessions

This is a good fit for people who just need help once in a while. The benefit of booking on an as needed basis is that it's completely flexible. You can disappear for months at a time, then jump online and set up a session when you're feeling lost.

It helps to schedule as far in advance as possible when scheduling as needed, especially if you have a preference on tutors. Many of our tutors' schedules fill up quickly, so while we'll do our best to make sure you get a session, a little planning ahead helps to avoid those awkward time slot sessions.

Online Sessions

Online sessions are great for people who can't make it to the center, or want help when we're normally closed. All you have to do is schedule a session and fire up our iPad app.

Group Sessions

This is a great option for self motivated people. We hold group sessions Monday through Thursday, which are limited to 4 students per session. This is ideal for people who want to come every night to do homework or clarify what happened in class. It's also a great add on between individual sessions or the night before a test to get extra help. Here are the benefits of the group option:

  • Cheaper: Group sessions are only $30 per session, with a max of $200 per month. In other words, you could come 5 days a week and the cost would never go above $200 for the month.
  • Flexible: You can sign up for group sessions with literally no notice if there's an opening. You can also schedule as far as 30 days in advance if you know a date you definitely want it.

You can sign up for group sessions directly through the website.

Math Homework Help

Want us to check your math homework? Text or email it to us. Let us know how quickly you need it checked and we'll do our best to get it to you in time (or else we'll let you know if we can't get to it in time). And if you'd like us to write up explanations on how to do wrong answers we can do that too.

The cost works as follows:

  • Under 5 minutes: Free
  • Under 30 minutes: $10
  • More than 30 minutes: $5 per 15 minutes

We can also help with other subjects, but it would be the prorated tutor's rate for how long it takes the tutor to check it.

Ways To Save

Multiple Weekly Sessions

If you need more than one weekly session we'll knock off $5 per session for any tutor other than Tim.

Off Peak Sessions

There are a few things we consider off-peak.

For those of you who can make the 2:45 session Monday through Thursday you can save $5 per session.

If you're looking for math help online, Friday and Saturday sessions are $40. Please note, this is only for online sessions.

As Needed, 3x Per Month

For those of you without a weekly time, you can still get the weekly rates if you book at least 3 sessions in the same calendar month.

To give you the most flexibility we'll charge full price for the first 2 sessions in the month, then include a credit on the 3rd session which drops the price down to the weekly rate. That way you don't have to schedule all 3 sessions at once.