How Things Work

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to scheduling and rescheduling sessions, but there are certain policies we must enforce. This page covers everything concerning rescheduling sessions, weather issues, illnesses, group sessions, and anything else we could think of.

The Big Deals

We're totally aware that reading policies is boring. If you'd rather just know the big deals, here they are:

  • We need 24 hours notice to make changes to your schedule. In other words, if you forget about a baseball game or decide you want to go to a friend's house, we cannot credit the session. In the event of an illness, just let us know by 11 am. This is the one rule we absolutely enforce because we pay our tutors for any sessions that are on the schedule once the day starts.

  • Once a session is booked, we ask that if a conflict comes up that you reschedule instead of cancel. If you have a weekly time, you're free to cancel any sessions as long as you let us know by the 27th of the previous month. That way we have time to fill the open time. Once the month starts, if a conflict comes up we ask that you make the session up within 7 days.

  • If you cannot make it up within 7 days and it's less than 10 days until the session there is a $20 charge for canceling the session. Again, this is because it's harder to fill a time on short notice.

Onto The Policies...


  • If you have a weekly session then your rates are locked in at the time you receive the contract.
    • Your rates are guaranteed to stay the same for as long as you continue your time slot. Should you choose to discontinue your weekly time then you will be subject to any rate changes when you return.
  • If you do not have a weekly time then your rates are the current rate of the tutor, as posted on the website.
    • We do offer discounts even without a weekly time if you book at least 4 sessions at once and pay for them upfront.

Weekly Sessions

  • Extra sessions are the same price as your weekly time.
    • You do not need to pay the "per time" rate.
  • You can skip any weeks in a month as long as you let us know before the payment is due.
    • For example, if the student has spring break and won't be around (or just wants to relax), you can skip that week completely and not be charged for the session. Once you've given us the schedule for the month then you must reschedule any sessions instead of canceling them. This is discussed further in the cancellation section.
  • Your weekly timeslot is yours unless you tell us you would like to discontinue.
    • In other words, If you start a weekly session in September then that is your time in October. You don't need to rebook it from month to month. If you would like to cancel a weekly timeslot for the upcoming month you must notify us via email or text by the 24th of the current month.
  • If you discontinue your weekly time before the month ends then decide to come back in the future, your first 4 sessions will be at the "as-needed" rate.
    • We ask that people finish out the current month if they would like to discontinue. That way we have time to put a new student in the open time. That being said, we realize sometimes people want to discontinue immediately, which can lead to uncomfortable tutoring if we ask that they finish out the month. As a compromise, you may now discontinue your weekly time (with 24 hours notice), but if you ever decide you'd like a weekly time again, the first 4 sessions will be charged at full price instead of the weekly rate.


  • If you have a weekly session, payments and schedule changes must be received by the 27th of the previous month.
    • For example, October's payment would be due on September 27th. We will send an email or text around the 20th of each month as a reminder.
  • If you are consistently late with payments we may ask to keep a credit card on file.
  • You may pay by Venmo, cash, check, credit card, or leave a credit card number on file for automatic withdrawal.
  • You will be charged $20 for any returned checks.
  • Automatic withdrawals will be made no earlier than the 1st of the month.

The Group Session

  • We offer a group tutoring option to provide extra support.
    • If you have a weekly session then you get 2 free group sessions per month, per timeslot. After that, the cost is $30 per session with a max of $200 per month. In other words, the cost would never exceed $200, no matter how many times you came in a month. If you do not have a weekly timeslot the rates are still the same but without the initial free uses.
  • To help keep costs down, we will discount the maximum group rate if you have muliple children.
    • For one student, the maximum cost is $200 per month. If you have two students, the maximum cost is $350 per month. If you have 3 or more students, the maximum cost is $450 per month.
  • Group sessions are limited to 4 people per session. They are first come, first serve.
    • The easiest way to get a spot is to book it yourself. You can use our website on your computer or smart phone, or you can download our app for the iPhone or iPad. You may also text or email us, but you run the risk of someone taking it before we can check your message.
  • You may lose the right to attend the group session if you continually miss the session, cancel with short notice, or are disruptive to other students.
  • Free sessions do not transfer from month to month.
    • In other words, if you do not use your 2 free sessions one month, you do not get 4 free sessions the following month.
  • You do not get to use the group session for free if you have skipped your regular 1-on-1 session that week.
    • You may still use the group session, but you would be responsible for the payment.

Refund Policy

  • If this is your first month of tutoring then you may discontinue at any point (provided you give 24 hours notice) and we will refund you the price of the unused sessions.
  • We ask that if you would like to discontinue tutoring that you finish out the current month and that you let us know by the 24th of that month.
    • By doing this, it gives us time to fill the gap in the tutor's schedule. If you choose to discontinue your weekly time without finishing out the month, we will convert the rate of the completed sessions in the month to the "as-needed" rate. And no matter what, we need 24 hours notice to be able to do anything.

Rescheduling Sessions

  • You may reschedule a session if you give 24 hours notice.
    • You must make the session up within 7 days or you will lose the credit. If you do not make it up and it's less than 10 until the session then there is a $20 cancellation fee. That's because it's harder to fill a session on short notice.
  • You must reschedule via the website, iPhone, or iPad app.
    • The website and app will provide you will all the available rescheduling options, as well as send you and us a confirmation email. That way there's no issue of mixing up times.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue a weekly timeslot if you are rescheduling sessions often.

Calling In Sick

  • If you are sick, you may reschedule without 24 hours notice as long as you let us know by 11 AM.
    • Please note, it is extremely important that you let us know by 11 AM or we will be unable to credit the session. I must pay the tutor for any sessions canceled without 24 hours notice, and if we know early enough then we have the opportunity to find a student who can use the session. I realize that sometimes you may start the day feeling sick but want to see how you're feeling as the day goes on. If that's the case, I'd suggest rescheduling the session by 11, then see if anything is available if you end up wanting a session.

Missed Session

  • If you forget about a session, you may add a new session the next day for $35.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot credit a missed session because the tutor needs to be paid for his or her time. We are hoping that people find it helpful that they can add a discounted session so they don't miss out on a time for the week.

Snow Days / Bad Weather

  • We will always be open unless we email or text you otherwise.
    • Please do not assume we are closed because of the weather.
  • If you would like to reschedule a session because snow is forecasted you must give 2 hours notice.
    • We don't want anyone driving in dangerous weather, including our tutors. By giving 2 hours notice we can let the tutor know they don't need to come in for the session.
  • If school was canceled because of weather you must let us know by 11 AM if you would like to reschedule.
    • We understand if you'd like to move your session because you didn't learn anything new. But please let us know by 11 AM so we can try to fill the session with a student who needs it.

Student Changes

  • We will assume any changes made by a student are ok with the parent unless you tell us otherwise.
    • From past experience we've found that most parents prefer it if the students schedule things on their own (i.e. add a group session, reschedule a session, etc). If you would prefer that the student does not have the ability to change their schedule you must let us know via text or email.


  • No stress!
    • We want this to be completely stress free for everyone (parents, students, and tutors). If you're ever unhappy with the results, the child dislikes coming here, or there is an issue on our end we would like to address it immediately. Unfortunately tutoring isn't perfect, so if you're not happy with something we would rather you part ways in a good mood, rather than stick with it and secretly hate us.
  • Don't hesitate to switch tutors if it isn't a good fit.
    • We realize that different students connect with different tutors, and the most important thing is finding the right one. We have all of our bios on the website, so that should help to give you an idea of how well you'll connect. However, if you start tutoring and don't feel like it's a good fit please let us know and we can try someone different.