Want To Work Here?

Even if we're not actively hiring we're always looking to meet smart, fun, people who would like to work here. If you think you'd be a good fit for GameFace Tutoring, introduce yourself. And if you're wondering what we're looking for, here are some hints.

Be Smart

We can only be as good as our tutors. Don't come in and tell us that you can tutor through calculus and wind up not being able to do algebra 1. Who knows, we may still be able to find a spot for you in some capacity, but it's important that you have the knowledge to back up the courses you'll be here for. It also helps if you have the qualifications to support your background (i.e. a degree in teaching, engineering, chemistry, etc).

We welcome any skillsets, although most of our students come primarily for math, science, and English.

Be Funny

You don't actually have to be funny, but we want someone who brings a fun personality to us. Remember, we'll have to spend a lot of time together, so for the sake of everyone make sure you're fun to be around.

Be Flexible

We do our best to make sure we streamline your students, but a little flexibility goes a long way. Our students really appreciate a tutor who is able to come in for some extra help the night before an exam, so if you live an hour away then this may not be the best option.

Still Interested?

If we haven't scared you off, drop us an email at work@gamefacetutoring.com. Let us know about yourself, and throw in a little personality. But don't come off as trying super hard to be funny. That's a giant red flag.